Glass cover grinding machine
A compact machine that can handle a wide range of panels from smartphone to tablet, as well as wafers. Two machining stages and loader included.

  • Grinding outside diameter, long holes and recess.
  • 2 machining stages with independent drives.
  • Cassette and loader equipment.
  • Number of materials loaded / cassette: 43 pieces(Max 200mm×300mm) - 172 pieces(Min 57mm×90mm)
  • Position detection of the material by CCD image processing.

  • Equipped with 2 tool spindles: 1 for O.D./ Φ90mm, 8, 000 revolutions, 1 for drilling/ Φ5mm, 60, 000min-1
  • Drilling spindle with 5-station ATC (op.) *ATC specification 50,000min-1
  • Grinding wheel with long spindle life and easy maintenance
  • Free curve machining using CAD/CAM
Max. Panel Size 200mm × 300mm
Min. Panel Size 57mm × 90mm
Max. Panel Thickness 2mm
Chucking Method Vacuum stage
Number of Wheel Axes A・B Stage
Internal Wheel Axis 1 each
External Wheel Axis 1 each
Internal Wheel Spindle Speed 60,000min-1
Max. Internal Wheel Outside Diameter Φ5mm
External Wheel Spindle Speed 8,000min-1
Max. External Wheel Outside Diameter Φ90mm
Max. Wheel Thickness 20mm
Glass Grinding Machine
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