Three-Turret Two-Spindle (NTY3)


Faster than the fastest

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  • 30% Reduction in Cycle Time

    Starting with the implementation of "ChronoCut" to reduce idle time, numerous new technologies have been incorporated to enhance production speed. The machine reduces cycle time by up to 30%. *Effects vary depending on the shape and size of the workpiece

  • ChronoCut

    A unique function by Nakamura-Tome designed to reduce idle time. This new software minimizes idle time during manufacturing without compromising accuracy, even without any changes to the cutting conditions.

  • Realizing High Precision

    The thermal growth compensation software, NT Thermo Navigator system, has been renewed, and a system that utilizes temperature information of the entire machine to perform efficient correction has been established. This enables further improvement in precision. Additionally, a newly designed machine structure, including the frame, has been implemented to minimize the influence of thermal growth.

  • Efficiency Improvement Through Increased Tool Mounting Capacity

    The NTY3-100V is a three-turret machine capable of mounting tools on up to 72 stations. By pre-setting tools for two or three workpieces beforehand, there is no need to change tool setups when processing different workpieces. Moreover, adjusting the left-right time balance and utilizing the lower turret for center support, along with the flexibility of machining processes that can be designed, adds to the appeal of three-turret machines.


  • [New] V series | Faster than the fastest

  • [New Machine] NTY³-100V | 3 Turrets, Multitasking Flagship Machine!!


φ42mm φ51mm(op.) φ65mm(op. Only L)
Max. Turning Diameter 12st. 200mm
Max. Turning Diameter 15st(op.) 190mm
Max. Turning Length 588mm
Distance Between Spindles max.820mm/min.200mm
Bar Capacity 42mm 51mm 65mm
Chuck Size 6″
L/R Spindle Speed 6,000min-1 5,000min-1
L/R Spindle Drive Motor 11/7.5kW 11/7.5kW , 15/11kW(op.)
Floor space height:2,255.3mm(*1)/width:3,864.2mm/depth:2,245.7mm

*1.Height of standard indicator light

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