Programming time is drastically Reduced

NC program editing support functions

3D Smart Pro AI

3D CAD model is automatically analyzed to determine the “geometry”, “cutting path”, “cutting tools”, “cutting conditions” and “cutting process sequence”,then a CNC program including all processes from raw material to finished part is created.
In addition to drastically reducing programming time, setup and productivity are improved.

3D Smart Pro

3D CAD model is automatically analyzed to determine the part geometry and coordinates, then a CNC program can be created interactively using dialog programming.
Part geometry and coordinate calculations are done by 3D Smart Pro, so there is no worry for making calculation errors.

Smart Support

Original Nakamura-Tome G-codes were registered as fixed forms.
Programs can be easily created by inputting data through an interactive 3D guidance window.

Thermal Growth Compensation is Done Easily and Accurately
Using AI Analysis

Thermal Growth Compensation System

NT Thermo Navigator AI

Thermal Growth Compensation System Powered by AI
By inputting the time and measurement data of part dimensions to a dedicated software, which uses machine learning technology, an optimized thermal growth compensation model is automatically created.

High-Accuracy Thermal Growth Compensation
The compensation value is calculated based on acquired data (graph).
The more data is input, the more accurate is the compensation.

Dual Safety System

Setup Support System

Simulation Function

■NT Machine Simulation
Prevent collisions due to tooling, chucking and programming. Simulation can be executed without actual machine movement.
This helps to prevent machine collision due to programming or set up errors, and to optimize the program.
■NT Collision Guard
Real time collision check can be performed during either automatic or manual operation.
If collision is detected, the machine will stop before it actually collides.

Airbag (Overload detection)

Within 1 milliseconds after the crash, servo motor-feeding direction is reversed in order to prevent from having damage.

*This feature does not mean zero impact.

Total Production Support

Machining Support Functions

NT Work Navigator

Detects the raw part position and / or datum surfaces using servo motor torque control.
Positioning fixtures and special clamping devices are not needed.

Soft Work Pusher

The part is pushed with the specified motor thrust.
Used for accurately clamping the part when transferring it from the left to right side spindle.

Soft Quill Pusher

Soft Quill Pusher cycle is used for center support.
By controlling the Servo motor pushing thrust, a constant pushing thrust is ensured.

Nakamura-Tome Original IoT Software for the Digital Factory

Machine Monitoring System

NT Smart Sign

Factory Visualization by Using the Internet.
"NT Smart Sign" is a Nakamura-Tome original IoT Software.

By visualizing the machine operation status, production status, and maintenance history through machine connectivity, productivity can be improved.
Additionally, by collecting and analyzing machine diagnosis data, preventive maintenance can be improved.

IoT technology and machine connectivity are becoming more and more important, and they will be indispensable in manufacturing factories.

「Factory Layout」
The machine operating status can be monitored using information obtained from the CNC.
This screen can be monitored from an office server PC connected to the machine via Ethernet.
By connecting to the machine through the Internet, operation status can monitored via smartphones or tablets.

「Connected Machine List」
View the operation conditions of all connected machines.
「Machine Details」
Data is updated every 5 seconds, making it possible to monitor any events that occur on the machine, such as changes in the cutting feed override,…etc.
Collecting past operation data and events for all machines, helps get a better understanding of the condition of every machine, which contributes to productivity improvement through factory visualization.

Maximize Machine Operation Rates

Machine Maintenance Support System


Alarm is displayed
By using pictures and visual guidance, troubleshooting becomes easier and faster.

ATC Maintenance Navigator

In addition to the ATC status and alarm location display, a step by step ATC recovery navigation helps reset the alarm quickly and reduces machine downtime.