Two-Turret Machine(WT)


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  • Multitasking Machine for Diversified Variable Lot-Size Production Multipurpose Machine

    Left spindle motor power 18.5/15kW, Right spindle motor power 11/7.5 kw. Up to 29.5kW cutting power available for turning shaft-work with synchronized spindles. Milling Tool Motor Power 5.5/3.7kW, High-Performance machining with small tools. With upper and lower turret construction, simultaneous balance cutting and other combinations available on either L or R spindles.

  • Simultaneous Cutting with Upper and Lower Tools on L/R Opposed Spindles Ensures Balanced Processes and Faster Cycle Times

    Up to 48 tools. Multi-tool holders and mid-position indexing of turrets greatly increase the number of tools


  • Nakamura-Tome 2-Spindle 2-Turret WT-250II


φ51mm φ65mm
Max. Turning Diameter 250mm
Max. Turning Length 555mm
Distance Between Spindles max.885mm/min.265mm(L:Φ65/R:Φ51)
L Bar Capacity - 65mm
R Bar Capacity 51mm 65mm(op.)
Chuck Size 8″ / 6″
L Spindle Speed - 4,500min-1
L Spindle Drive Motor - 18.5/15kW
Wide range 15/11kW(op.)
R Spindle Speed 5,000min-1 4,500min-1(op.)
R Spindle Drive Motor 11/7.5kW, 15/11kW(op.), 18.5/15kW(op.)
Floor space height:2,225mm / width:4,059mm / depth:2,314mm

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Two-Turret Two-Spindle(WT)
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