Deep hole drilling is a gold mine.

Well, I know you doubt it. You may think there is no money in this work because hole drilling requires proficient skills to deal with long entangle chips.

However, what if we can make the unprofitable work turn to be profitable?

Watch our test cut videos of the deep hole drilling works with several carbide drills. Not only it’s faster than works with conventional high-speed drills, but also, with our machine, it can complete the work at one chucking.

1. Non-step drilling for 30D (Φ8mm x 240mm)

The work is completed in 29.3 sec., used a carbide solid drill that the diameter is a little thicker, 8mm. The maximum diameter of the drills on the market is about 13mm in average. If you intend to work on drilling a wider hole, you need to consider to use other tools.

2. Non-step drilling for 30D (Φ3mm x 90mm)

To realize the non-step drilling, chips should be cut into small pieces. You can see the chips being discharged from the flute with a high-speed camera.

3. Non-step drilling for 30D (Φ5mm x 150mm)

Deep hole drilling is ordinary worked after pilot drilling or guide drilling, and the edge angle of the pilot drill is important. A wrong angle will end up with a failure.

Should the edge angle of the pilot drill be same with the long drill or be larger than the long drill?

Answer is in the video.

4.Non-step drilling for 50D (Φ6mm x 300mm)

Most of deep hole drilling is done for 30D, but let’s watch a deeper drilling work now.

5.Ejector drill hiring the Double tube system (Φ30mm x 500mm)

There is no carbide solid drill adapted to this hole size. This is an experimental video drilling a cylinder rod with an ejector drill manufactured by a Swedish company. The drill is composed with an outer and inner tubes, providing coolant through the interspace of both tubes. Chips will be dispatched with coolant from the end of the tubes.


Hole drilling is made on any kind of works and if you aim at the aggregation of manufacturing on a multitasking machine, solving problems with the deep hole drilling is vital.

Nakamura-tome have tied up with industrial tool manufactures, performed thousands of test cuts and delivered customers our machine.

Deep hold drilling is a gold mine.

If you are interested in it, please contact our overseas presence and excellent distributers in your country.