Super NTJ

B-axis Turret swiveling range is 182°
In addition to angular drilling and end milling, arbitrary contour-milling can be performed with standard driven-tool holders

  • Upper turret with a B-axis, having a swiveling range of 182°
  • Up to 48 tools.
  • Simultaneous cutting with upper and lower tools on L/R opposed-spindles ensures balanced processes and faster cycle times

Upper turret has milling and Y-axes.

  • Upper Y-axis travel is 90 mm.
  • Milling motors have 5.5/3.7kW power and 6,000min-1 max. speed.
Φ65mm Φ51mm(op.)
Max. Turning Diameter 190mm
Max. Turning Length 620mm
Distance Between Spindles max.970mm/min.210mm
L Bar Capacity 65mm 51mm(op.)
R Bar Capacity - 51mm
Chuck Size 6″
Spindle Speed 4,500min-1 5,000min-1
L Spindle Drive Motor 15/11kW
R Spindle Drive Motor 11/7.5kW
Multi-Turret・Swing B-axis
Series Line Up