Digital Chuck Interlock

Setup-less and faster operation

Solve your problems!

It is inconvenient to remove the cover behind the spindle every time the machining setup changes.

I thought I tightened the thumbscrews, but it was loose and the chuck open/closed status was not detected.

The proximity switches are held in place by the thumbscrews, but the previous worker tightened it too much, and I can't loosen them.

It is difficult to adjust the position of proximity switches because of its wide detection range.

Adjusting the open/close confirmation of a chuck with a short stroke is nearly impossible.

What is Digital Chuck Interlock?

Digital Chuck Interlock is software to arbitrarily set detection points of the chuck open and close by a position sensor installed at the rear of the chuck cylinder. The chuck open/close position is set on the control panel.

What Digital Chuck Interlock can do

Simplifying the chuck open/close position setting.

Previously, setting the chuck open/close position required labor-intensive adjustment of two proximity switches while moving them. With Digital Chuck Interlock, the open/close position can be easily set by simply entering the position command on the control panel.

Cycle time during machining can be reduced.

"Digital Chuck Interlock" accurately detects the open/close position of the chuck. As shown in the above figure, by reducing the time to detect the chuck opening, the next operation can be performed without waiting for the chuck to fully open.

Machine Model Compatibility

Digital Chuck Interlock is software that works on most machine models!

ATC Multitasking Machines Multi-Turret Machines with Swing B-axis. Multi-Turret Machines Single-Turret Machines

Detailed information about the features of each software, including Digital Chuck Interlock, is summarized in this catalog.

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