Nakamura-Tome's Original Gantry Loader Automation System.
Suitable for Handling Medium and Small Parts.

  • Easy teaching from the CNC.
  • Various gantry loader configurations are available according to the customer's factory layout.
3kg 5kg(op.)
Part Diameter(Flange) Φ20~130mm
Part Diameter(Shaft) Φ15~30mm
Part Length(Flange) 20~110mm
Part Length(Shaft) 35~200mm
Part Weight(Flange) 3kg × 2 5kg × 2
Part Weight(Shaft) 1kg × 2
Loading Time 7.8sec 8.1sec
Unloading Time 7.8sec 8.1sec
Work Stocker Cross-reference Guide
GR-210 GR-203 GR-201 GR-103
Multi-Layer Work Stocker WS-221 -
WS-231 - -
WS-442W - - -
WS-445W - - -
Single-Layer Work Stocker WS-121 -
WS-122 -
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WS-132 - -
Hako-bei(Additional extension is required when B type is selected) -
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Gantry Loader
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