Single-Turret Machine


Optimal for machining long workpieces

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  • 8” Class Single-Turret Carrying Out Great Machining Rigidity and Stability

    It ensures the machining area that is more than an 8” class machine with a maximum turning diameter of 390mm and a tool swinging diameter of 620mm, equipped with a 15/11kW (op. 18.5/15kW) spindle motor. Spindle speed is 4,500min-1, and Y-axis slide travel is 100mm (±50mm). It also has a 5.5/3.7kW milling motor, and its spindle speed is 6,000min-1. With a high rigid slant bed with box-way slides, it carries out great machining rigidity and stability. The distance between centers has been increased to 715mm (distance between spindles: 800mm).

  • More Convenient, More Effective

    NC tailstock (MT-4/rotating center) specifications are now standard, making it easier to machine long workpieces. The gantry loader “GR-203 High-Speed” is selectable. (op.) Many stress-free machine structures have been applied that cut the burden on workers.


Φ65mm φ71mm(op.) φ51mm(op.)
Max. turning diameter 390mm
Max. turning length 522.8mm
Distance between spindles 800mm
Distance between centers max.715mm/min.245mm
Bar capacity 65mm 71mm 51mm
Chuck size 8″ 10″ 6″/ 8″
L spindle speed 4,500min-1 4,500min-1 -
L spindle motor 15/11kW, 18.5/15kW(op.) -
R sub-spindle speed (op.) - - 5000min-1
R sub-spindle motor (op.) - - 15/11kW
Milling spindle speed 6,000min-1
Milling speed 5.5/3.7kW
Floor space height:2,225mm(Maximum height of moving part) / width:3,787.5mm / depth:1,967mm

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Single-Turret machine
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