Single-Turret Machine


Powerful cutting realized by highly rigid box-way slides


  • Powerful Machining and High Performance 8-Inch Machine

    A wide range of options, such as milling, Y-axis, sub-spindle, gantry loader and many others. Spindle motor with 15/11kW power. Milling motor power 5.5/3.7kW and max. speed 3,600min-1.

    Massive Box-Way Slides on All Axes

    Y-axis travel ±41mm(Op.) 12-Station dodecagonal drum turret with 12 milling tools


φ51mm φ65mm(op.)
Max. Turning Diameter(12st) 300mm
Max. Turning Diameter(op.10st) - 300mm
Max. Turning Length(12st) 500mm
Max. Turning Length(op.10st) - 480mm
Distance Between Spindles(op.) 780mm
Distance Between Centers(op.) 689mm
Bar Capacity 51mm 65mm(op.)
Chuck Size 8″,(10″※1)
L Spindle Speed 5,000min-1 4,500min-1
L Spindle Drive Motor 15/11kW, 18.5/15kW(op.)
Milling Spindle Speed(op.) 3,600min-1
Milling Drive Motor(op.) 5.5/3.7kW
Floor space height:1,815mm/2,065mm(Y axis)(op.)
width:2,598mm/2,777mm(Y axis)(op.)
depth:1,671mm/1,725mm(Y axis)(op.)

*1 There is a track record for this specification. Please consult with our sales representatives.

Single-Turret machine
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