Minimum Floor Space, Superior Cost-Performance,
Long Awaited Compact Two-Spindle Machine

  • Two-turret, opposed twin-spindle machine.
  • High precision direct transfer operation on Right spindle by servo motor torque control technology.
  • Simultaneous machining on L/R opposed-spindles ensures faster cycle times.
  • 24 tool stations. The number of tools can further increased by using multi-holders.
φ34 φ42(op.)
Max. Turning Diameter 190mm 190mm
Max. Turning Length 115mm 110mm
Distance Between Spindles max.735mm/min.210mm max.743mm/min.218mm
Bar Capacity 34mm 42mm
Chuck Size 5",6"
L/R Spindle Speed 6,000min-1
L Spindle Drive Motor 7.5kW
R Spindle Drive Motor 7.5kW
Two-Turret Two-Spindle(TW)
Series Line Up