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Site Policy
1. Contents of the Company website
We take the greatest possible care in the management of this website, and in providing information (hereinafter referred to as 'the Contents') through this website, but we do not provide any guarantee whatsoever of accuracy, usability or timeliness of the Contents. In the event of the user suffering damage caused by the use of the Contents, we do not provide any legal guarantee; the Company has no legal obligation or responsibility. Also, we take no responsibility for any damage incurred through the use of any information obtained from other websites to which a link has been set up on our website. We do not guarantee that the contents of the Company website or information that can be accessed through the Company website are not infected with a virus. The Company may change, revise, delete or cancel the organization, contents, conditions of use, URL, etc. of the website without giving customers advance notice. The Company may interrupt or cancel the administration of the website without prior notice. There may be times when normal use of the Company website is not possible due to the communication environment, the customer's computer environment, or for some other reason.

2. Copyrights
Copyrights related to text, photos, other images, music, data, animation, videos and any other work (hereinafter referred to as 'the Contents') that appears on the Company website belong to the Company, the original creator or another right holder, and the work and trademarks are protected by law. Reproduction, alteration, revision, reprinting and commercial use of the Contents without the permission of the Company, the original creator or other right holder are strictly forbidden.

3. Trademark rights
Trademark rights for emblems such as logos and marks related to products and services that appear on the Company website belong to the Company. With the exception of allowance by trademark rights laws, the trademark rights laws forbid the use of these emblems without permission, so please refrain from any action that may conflict with the Company trademark rights.

4. Product information
Please be aware that the color of the images used on the Company website may differ from the colors of the actual machines. The appearance and specifications of machines may be changed without notice. Please check with a salesperson.

5. Links
If you would like to set up a link (including printing of the Company URL in publications such as magazines and books) to the Company website, please contact the Company. If there is no response from the company, it does not mean that the Company gives permission for the link. Even if the Company gives permission once, the Company may request that the link be removed. The following types of links are not allowed:

・Websites that are offensive to public order and morals
・Websites that are slanderous, defamatory or injurious to the confidence and dignity of the Company or the Company's products or services
・Links that violate copyrights by making the contents of the Company website unclear
・Links that the Company deems to be inappropriate

Websites other than the Company website that set up a link from this website are administered and operated under the responsibility of their respective corporations and individuals; they are not under the administration of the Company. We do not promote the use or services of those websites, or the products that appear on them. If you use those websites, please abide by the conditions of use, and take responsibility for their use. The Company will not be responsible for any damages incurred by our customers related to the use of linked websites.