ATC Maintenance Navigator

Reduce ATC alarm recovery time

Solve your problems!

  • ATC alarm is difficult to restore.
  • ATC recovery ordinarily takes time.
  • It is tough to get inside the machine and recover.

What is ATC Maintenance Navigator?

Support ATC alarm recovery in a simple way

When an ATC alarm occurs, this function shows the alarm information and recovery guidance to assist in resetting the alarm. Operating the NT SmartX (control panel) by following the guidance assists in a smooth recovery from the ATC alarm.

Check the current status at a glance

It is possible to check the status of the tool spindle, magazine, shifter, change arm, tool loading/unloading jig, etc.
※The ATC Maintenance Navigator is only available for ATC multitasking machines with tool spindles. You can access the ATC Maintenance Navigator through the Trouble Guidance screen.

ATC Maintenance Navigator makes recovery so much faster!

  • Without ATC Maintenance Navigator
  • With ATC Maintenance Navigator

Machine model used in the video: MX-100

With the ATC Maintenance Navigator, the ATC alarm recovery time is reduced by one-third.
Moreover, it ensures operator safety by allowing them to operate the machine through the NT SmartX without getting inside the machine.

Machine Model Compatibility

ATC Multitasking Machines Multi-Turret Machines with Swing B-axis. Multi-Turret Machines Single-Turret Machines

Detailed information about the features of each software, including ATC Maintenance Navigator, is summarized in this catalog.

Click here to download the catalog.

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