President's Message

We aim to be a
"Good Company",
rather than a
"Large Company"

Nakamura-Tome is pioneering a new era by taking on the challenge to keep at the leading edge of technology, promoting further internationalization and globalization, even during turbulent global economical conditions.

Maintaining corporate vitality at a high level through harmony and team work, we have differentiated our products by pursuing the merits of Multitasking to the highest limits, providing abundant software and unmanned automation systems, contributing widely to domestic and foreign industries.

We will strive to help create a more prosperous society, through our top niche products for the international markets.

We will constantly grasp our customers requirements through our global sales and service network, and strive to develop products that truly satisfy our customers needs.Only by doing so, we are convinced that we can truly contribute to the international community and lead the next generation.