Oscillation Cutting No more defective products caused by cutting chips

Have you ever encountered any challenges while machining?

1. The machine stops due to entangled cutting chips

Because cutting chips became entangled, you are forced to stop the machining process.

2. Cutting chips scratch the workpiece

Defective products are generated due to the contact of cutting chips, causing scratches on the workpieces.

3. No space for a chip management device.

The additional chip management device such as high pressure coolant system uses a lot of the floor space.

Oscillation Cutting can solve the cutting chip problems.

What is Oscillation Cutting?

Oscillation Cutting offered by Nakamura-Tome is a new machining method that uses servo control to oscillate the cutting tools and cut cutting chips into small pieces.

Conventional machining

Machining with Oscillation Cutting

Benefits of Oscillation Cutting

Utilize in various processes

It can be used for not only O.D. turning but also I.D. turning, end-face machining, grooving, parting, and drilling.

No complex programming or setup required

Oscillation Cutting can be easily executed using only G-code command.

No need for change of cutting tools or machining conditions

Oscillation Cutting can be performed by simply turning on the Oscillation Cutting mode, allowing machining with the same tools and conditions.

Smooth setup without additional software

Operators can easily determine the frequency multiplier “I” and the amplitude multiplier “K” by changing the argument, using with pre-provided setting function.

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Positive effects of Oscillation Cutting in the workplace

Enhance production efficiency

Prevent downtime of a production line before it happens.

Ensure safety

Prevent worker injuries in advance.

Cost reduction

Help to reduce installation costs.

21 Nakamura-Tome models are equipped with Oscillation Cutting!

*Oscillation Cutting can be retrofitted to existing machines. To add this function to your existing machine, please confirm the machine serial number.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is Oscillation Cutting function available for machines that I already have?

A. It is available for compatible models only. Please inform us of the serial number of your machine and we will confirm whether it is compatible or not. For compatible version, this function is available by installing a Fanuc option and Nakamura-Tome software.

Q. I am concerned that developing an Oscillation Cutting program will require time and effort.

A. The recommended values of the parameter “I” and “K” are automatically inserted by default. If the cutting chips are not cut well with the default value setting, please feel free to contact us.

Q. Is Oscillation Cutting function available for machines except compatible models?

A. For machines not in compatible models list, please contact us separately.

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