Solve Swarf Problems with
Nakamura-Tome’s Oscillation Cutting
What is Oscillation Cutting?
Oscillation cutting is a new machining method to
cut chips into small pieces.
Do you have any problem as described below?
Because of chips around the tool
you are forced to stop the machining process.
Defective products are generated
because chips scratch the workpieces.
Chip management devices
such as special high-pressure pumps
use a lot of the floor space.
Oscillation Cutting to
Solve the Swarf Problems
Oscillating cutting can solve the swarf problems
fundamentally by cutting chips into small pieces.
Why is it possible to cut chips into small pieces?
"Air-cut" area is created by oscillating a tool for a certain period.
The chips are cut into small pieces by "air-cut".

19Nakamura-Tome models are equipped with oscillation cutting.

18 models are as options and one is as standard.

*SC-100X2 is equipped with oscillation cutting as standard while other models are as option.

*The function is available only on the Z-axis for AS-200, AS-200L, and Super NTJ.

Oscillation cutting function is available for installed machines
as well as newly purchased machines.
*Please inform us of the serial number of your machine, then we will confirm whether oscillation function is available or not.
It's available on youtube.
Frequently asked questions
Is oscillation cutting function available for machines that I already have?
It is available for compatible models only.
Please inform us of the serial number of your machine and we will confirm whether it is compatible or not.
For compatible version, this function is available by installing a Fanuc option and Nakamura-Tome software.
Is oscillation cutting function available for machines except compatible models?
We are currently extending compatible models.
For machines not in the compatible models list, please contact us separately.
I am worried that it will take time and effort to develop a cutting program for oscillation cutting.
Oscillation cutting function can be easily executed by just a double-digit G code command.
Contact us for details about the oscillation cutting parameter. Programmed parameters I and K have recommended values.
Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

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