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Born to be Fast

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  • Born to be Fast

    SC-100X² is 41% faster than SC-100. X-axis and Z-axis are standard on R-spindle. Superimposed cycle is simultaneous machining through overlapping control between L-spindle and R-spindle.

    Milling and Y-axis are Standard

    Y-axis Stroke 80mm (±40mm) 11/7.5 kW L-spindle motor. 7.5/5.5 kW R-spindle motor. 7.1/2.2kW Milling motor / Max. speed 6,000min-1. Turret Hand Unloading Gripper on Lower Turret.


  • SC-100X² | Born to be fast


Max. Turning Diameter 195mm
Max. Turning Length 400mm
Distance Between Spindles max. 600mm/min. 200mm
L/R Bar Capacity 51mm/42mm
L/R Chuck Size 6″/5″(6″)
L/R Spindle Speed 6,000min-1/6,000min-1
L/R Spindle Drive Motor 11/7.5kW / 7.5/5.5kW
X Slide travel on R-spindle 150mm
Z Slide travel on R-spindle 400mm
Floor space height:1,799mm / width:3,072mm / depth:1,973.7mm

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