Multi-Grinding Machine


Completing from rough machining to finishing with a single chuck


  • NC Spherical Glass Grinding machine Double-sided CG & smoothing all in one machine

    Rough to finish machining by 1 chucking All automatic NC machine of W-Spindles and W-stages

  • Full-axis full NC control for high accuracy and high quality

    Workpiece reversing and positioning using the reversing and positioning device Loading/unloading the workpiece using a linear robot Automatic measurement and correction of the workpiece thickness (op.).


Material Lens size φ5〜φ60mm(op.φ2mm~)
Max. Lens Thickness 20mm
Control Numerical Control
Controlled Axes 14 Axes
Least Input Increment 0.0001mm 0.0001°
Optical Machines
Line Up