Minimize the collision damage

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It is difficult to completely prevent human errors as long as operators input the data manually.

I don’t want to worry about making mistakes during setup.

I don’t want to stop the production line. Even when a collision occurs, I want to keep the cost down.

What is Nakamura-Tome’s “Airbag”?

This is a safety function that drastically reduces damage in the event of a machine collision caused by incorrect data input. This function is standard on all Nakamura-Tome machine models.

The way of Nakamura-Tome “Airbag” to work

Within one millisecond after a collision detection, the servo motor direction is reversed to mitigate the impact. The Airbag not only reduces the primary damage caused at the moment of machine collision but also minimizes secondary damage resulting from the subsequent movement to the programmed position. (This function applies to all axes.)

Comparison video of with and without Airbag

Safe and secure use of your valuable machines

Other companies’ machines are damaged by a collision, but Nakamura-Tome’s machines withstand collision damage. The Airbag (Overload detection) significantly reduces the impact of the collision and protects your valuable machines.

Want to learn more about dual safety? Here for the software to prevent machine collisions.

NT Machine Simulation /
NT Collision Guard

Airbag's Benefit

Without Airbag

If a machine collision occurs, the machine is typically sent back to the manufacturer for repairs, which often takes a few months to complete.

With Airbag

Even in the event of a collision, there is no need to send the machine back, requiring only on-site maintenance.

Machine Model Compatibility

The Airbag is software corresponding to all machine models!

Detailed information about the features of each software, including Airbag, is summarized in this catalog.

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For inquiries about machine installation or machining operations

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