The Birth of New Product WY-100V

30% Reduction in Cycle Time

  • Starting with the implementation of "ChronoCut" to reduce idle time, numerous new technologies have been incorporated to enhance production speed. The machine reduces cycle time by up to 30%.


  • A unique function by Nakamura-Tome designed to reduce idle time. This new software minimizes idle time during manufacturing without compromising accuracy, even without any changes to the cutting conditions.

Realizing High Precision

  • The thermal growth compensation software, NT Thermo Navigator system, has been renewed, and a system that utilizes temperature information of the entire machine to perform efficient correction has been established. This enables further improvement in precision. Additionally, a newly designed machine structure, including the frame, has been implemented to minimize the influence of thermal growth.

Reducing cutting oil drastically by applying grease lubrication in all linear axes

  • By adopting the grease lubrication, the frequency of oil replacement is significantly reduced, leading to increased machine uptime. Moreover, it reduces oil consumption, making it an Eco-friendly feature.
φ42mm φ51mm(op.) φ65mm(op. Only L)
Max. Turning Diameter 12st. 200mm
Max. Turning Diameter 15st(op.) 190mm
Max. Turning Length 588mm
Distance Between Spindles max.820mm/min.200mm
Bar Capacity 42mm 51mm 65mm
Chuck Size 6″
L/R Spindle Speed 6,000min-1 5,000min-1
L/R Spindle Drive Motor 11/7.5kW 11/7.5kW , 15/11kW(op.)
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Two-Turret Two-Spindle(WY)
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