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When I noticed it, the machine was stopped by an alarm ...

I want to know the operating status of the machine in the office.

I want to maintain my machine systematically.

What is NT Smart Sign?

This is Nakamura-Tome’s original IoT system. Visualizing the machine's operating status and productivity without the restriction of time and place boosts the shop floor's advancement. Furthermore, machines run self-check diagnoses and transmit the information to registered e-mail addresses, leading to preventive maintenance.

What NT Smart Sign can do

Monitoring the machine operation

It conducts real-time monitoring of machine operation status in factories. Notifications can be sent to your PC or smartphone, allowing you to check operating status and other information wherever you are. It is also possible to review past incidents and alarm histories. By accumulating event information through the IoT system and analyzing operating rates, alarm history, etc., factory productivity can be advanced.

Input / Output of each data from your PC

From the PC used for monitoring, you can input and output programs, tool data, and various machine data.

Diagnosis of machine condition

A dedicated program is used to check if there are any problems with the servo drives and spindle drives of the machine. Signs of malfunction can be detected early, so you can take actions before they occur. It is also ideal for checking operations after replacing parts.

Features of NT Smart Sign


  • ・Operation status monitoring function
  • ・Workpiece size display function
  • ・Alarm history display function
  • ・NT NURSE setting display function
  • ・E-mail notice function
  • ・Machine-to-machine memo communication function

Data Input / Output

  • ・Program input / output function
  • ・Wear compensation value editing function
  • ・Custom macro editing function
  • ・Machine data output function


  • ・Spindle system diagnosis function
  • ・Drive system diagnosis function

Introduction video

Machine Model Compatibility

The NT Smart Sign is software corresponding to all machine models!

Detailed information about the features of each software, including NT Smart Sign, is summarized in this catalog.

Click here to download the catalog

For inquiries about machine installation or machining operations

If you have any concerns about the equipment installation or the use of software, please feel free to make contact with us.