Machining Check Function(CUT IN CHECK)

Stop machining process quickly and safely

Solve your problems!

  • I want to check the quality of work pieces during the machining process for a first parts...
  • I want to immediately remove entangled chips...
  • I want to stop a running program at my own pace...

What is the Machining Check Function (CUT IN CHECK)?

Quickly stop the program without waiting for the stop code to be executed

When you need to temporarily pause the machine, you can easily interrupt and resume machining with the press of a button. Machining stops when G00 is read, and spindle rotation and coolant also stop sequentially. No optional stops are required, and the machine stops the process faster than waiting for a stop code (M00 or M01).

Enable frequent checks of the inside of a machine

If you want to check a machining process frequently, such as when machining a first part, you can pause the program and proceed with the workpiece incrementally.

Running program can be stopped immediately anytime cutting chips suddenly become entangled or when you notice unusual sounds that appear to be caused by the chips or worn tools.

At the touch of a button, easily stop and restart the program during the automatic cycle!

Machine model used in the video: WY-150

Machine Model Compatibility

ATC Multitasking Machines Multi-Turret Machines with Swing B-axis. Multi-Turret Machines Single-Turret Machines

※Hard or soft buttons are used depending on the machine model. Please check the machine’s control panel before use.

Detailed information about the features of each software, including CUT IN CHECK, is summarized in this catalog.

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