【Announcement】Idle time reduction feature “ChronoCut” becomes a standard feature.

HAKUSAN, ISHIKAWA – Nakamura-Tome Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (CEO Shogo NAKAMURA), is implementing the standard integration of specific features of ‘ChronoCut’ across nearly all Nakamura-Tome machines. This inclusion of the cycle time reduction feature ‘ChronoCut’ results in reduced cycle time compared to conventional methods, ultimately enhancing production efficiency.
*For a comprehensive list of models equipped with ChronoCut, please refer to the ‘Details of ChronoCut.’”

■What is ChronoCut?
A unique function by Nakamura-Tome designed to reduce idle time.
This new software minimizes idle time during manufacturing without compromising accuracy, even without any changes to the cutting conditions.

・Spindle synchronization
・C-axis positioning
・Return to the reference point
・Rigid tapping
・Cut off/Transfer
・Machine coordinate system positioning

We have sped up more than 15 functions, including those mentioned above.

The following video is also available for viewing. Please take a look.

Title: The idle time reduction “ChronoCut” will be equipped as standard in almost all models.

■Product Information

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■Development background
The reduction of cycle time is one of the challenges constantly faced by the machine tool industry. As a machine tool manufacturer, addressing this challenge of cycle time reduction head-on was a major theme in the development process. In addition, in this development, we have proceeded with the idea of contributing to cycle time reduction without causing any burden to our customers. How can we ensure that customers can continue using their existing machining programs without any modifications? We considered various perspectives and implemented numerous features, with a focus on reducing idle time, which will ultimately shorten the cycle time. With ChronoCut, let’s experience the cycle time reduction.

■Comment from Shogo Nakamura/CEO
We’re excited to announce that ChronoCut is now standard in many Nakamura-Tome models. This development was inspired by the requests of our global customers, and we’re delighted to have made your ideas a reality. As a prevalent challenge in today’s manufacturing industry, many operations find themselves constantly racing against the clock. Consequently, it can be challenging to fully focus on the tasks that truly matter. ChronoCut is a feature that, when installed, speeds up your processing jobs. By eliminating idle time, there’s no need to compromise the quality of your work. By incorporating this innovative feature, we aim to create time together with our customers and want to cut the burden of manufacturing.

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【Corporate Information】
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Business details: Multitasking machine, combined precision CNC lathe

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