Suggestion: Combined manufacturing of eccentric part

Recently, we see the cases that the conventional production line using one-purpose machines dedicated to each work has been replaced to the new production line introducing a multitasking machine are increasing. This is attributed to the composite manufacturing of products and the manufacturing method transition from the mass production to the cell production of high-mix low-volume products, and that has brought the success of the aggregation of manufacturing and boosted the numbers of the cases introducing an automation cell system.

One of the automation works on those cell systems is the combined manufacturing of eccentric part. This time, we pick up and show you the demonstrations of eccentric shaft manufacturing, gear processing and spline processing from our test cut videos with a multitasking machine.

1.Manufacturing an eccentric shaft using an automatic eccentric chuck

The eccentric amount can be adjusted by programming. Traveling C axis expands the eccentricity up to 15mm. The phase of eccentric part can be set in an arbitrary angle, too.

2.Various gear machining

We often process various gear machining on shaft works such as hob processing and spline processing, and the great thing of a multitasking machine is that those works are available with one chucking.

Let’s watch the one-chucking manufacturing on WT-250II.

There are many machining including hob and spline processing by a hob cutter, gear milling by throw-away tools, bevel gear processing by an end-mill cutter, and so on.

3.The latest gear skiving

Let’s watch gear skiving on NTRX-300, working on gear manufacturing in the dead-end hole at 28:08. It is possible to process inner and outer gear skiving by one-shot operation without changing a machine.


As you see, we had to deal with those parts using two or three machines separately, should have done conventionally one by one with different machines, but now we can finish it at once by using a multitasking machine. How about taking this opportunity to consider introducing the one-hit machine?

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