How big are the Nakamura-Tome’s machines?


The size of machine tools varies depending on their types, machining methods, and workpiece sizes. A simple machine for general purposes can be as small as a refrigerator, while a fully automated CNC machine combined with many peripheral devices tends to be larger, taking up most of the factory space.

Nakamura-Tome’s machines are multitasking machines and CNC lathes for small to medium-sized parts. Let’s take a look at how big the Nakamura’s machines are.
*Please note that the sizes of each model are based on machine data as of June 2024 and may change in the future.


The narrowest machine is AS-200, which is approximately 1.65m in width. It is about the width of a compact car.

The widest machine is JX-250, which is approximately 5.82m wide. This is about the length of a male southern elephant seal.


The shortest machine is TW-8, which is about 1.6m in height. It is a few centimeters taller than the average height of Japanese adult women. Cleaning the upper part of the machine would be easy without using a stepladder.

The tallest machine is, again, JX-250, which is about 3.22m in height. It is about 15 cm higher than the height of a basketball goal and as high as a professional athlete can finally reach after a super jump.


The lightest machine is SC-100, which weighs about 4.5 tons. This is about the weight of a female African bush elephant.

The heaviest machine is, once again, JX-250, which weighs approximately 22.5 tons. It appears to be equivalent to the total vehicle weight of three medium-duty trucks.


When you purchase a machine, it is important to check the functions and systems, but don’t forget to pay attention to the machine’s size as well. In reality, the space required for each machine often requires extra area for peripheral devices and the operator’s working space.

In addition, the weight of the machine will increase when setting up the cutting tools, workpieces, cutting oil, etc., so a solid foundation and ground condition are necessary.

A spacious workspace is good for the safety of the operators and allows them to work with a relaxed mind.