Swiveling B-Axis Turret


Flexible Machining at Any Angle

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  • Turret B-axis Swiveling Range 182° In Addition to Angular Drilling and End Milling, Arbitrary Contour-Milling Can Be Performed with Standard Driven-Tool Holders

    Upper turret with a B-axis, having a swiveling range of 182°. Up to 48 tool stations! Reduce setup time with permanent tooling. Simultaneous cutting with upper and lower tools on L/R opposed-spindles ensures balanced processes and faster cycle times.

  • Both upper and lower turrets have milling and Y-axes.

    Upper Y-axis travel is 80 mm. Lower Y-axis travel is 65 mm. Milling motors have 7.1/2.2kW power and 6,000min-1 max. speed.


  • Nakamura-tome B-axis Turret series NTJ-100

  • Nakamura-Tome NTJ100_Turret-hand


φ51mm φ65mm (op.)
Max. Turning Diameter 175mm
Max. Turning Length 678mm
Distance Between Spindles max.910mm/min.200mm
Bar Capacity 51mm 65mm
Chuck Size 6″,(8″*1)
Spindle Speed 5,000min-1 4,500min-1
Spindle Drive Motor 11/7.5kW
Floor space height:2,565mm / width:3,799mm / depth:2,110mm

*1 There is a track record for this specification. Please consult with our sales representatives.

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