3D Smart Pro AI

Fast and easy programming for anybody

Solve your problems!

It takes a long time to make a program.

I don’t know what processes are the best to perform.

It isn't easy to find a highly skilled engineer.

There are too many programs to create.

I don’t know which cutting tools are appropriate to choose.

What 3D Smart Pro AI can offer

Drastically reduce man-hours required to create NC programs

Because the operations, including coordinate calculation and machining process, are performed automatically, this not only reduces setup time but also cuts the burden on engineers.

Realize suitable machining for everyone with ease

By scanning a 3D CAD drawing and inputting the material type, as well as model or chucking positioning information, the software automatically analyzes the workpiece's shape and recommends the suitable machining process and conditions. With the software accommodating the specific shape, anyone can generate machining programs.

There are no obstacles for those who are not used to creating NC programs.

All the operator has to do is to select the process suggested by the software, and even operators with little experience in creating NC programs can develop the machining process design. With the assistance of visual information that guides them through the necessary settings, all processes can be easily completed on the screen display. Moreover, these automated processes have the benefit of reducing human errors.

Suggestion of Machining Process

In addition to the default machining process, AI proposes a suitable process sequence.

Parts Transfer Setting

Once the transferring position is set, the machining area and transfer program for each process are created.

Tolerance Setting

Once the tolerance value is input, the target value for machining can be set.

Tool Guide

If tool settings are insufficient, the CAD data is analyzed to provide the necessary information about the required tools.

Introduction Video

Machine Model Compatibility

ATC Multitasking Machine Multi-Turret Machines with Swing B-axis. Multi-Turret Machine Single-Turret Machine

Detailed information about the features of each software, including 3D Smart Pro AI, is summarized in this catalog.

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For inquiries about machine installation or machining operations

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