Productivity improvement with the up-to-date machining method using Y-axis

We would like to introduce you the latest machining method using Y-axis today.

1. Hard skiving using Y-axis

This is a demonstration on WT-250II.

As you see in the video, unlike the normal cutting operation using one point of an insert chip, the skiving operation uses the overall width of the chip itself. The adjustable Y-axis enables the locomotion of the contact point and it avoids the heat overconcentration on a single point of the chip. As a result, cutting speed can be increased and chip life can be extended.

2. Y-axis parting

Have you ever watched Y-axis parting? Let’s see how it works on WT-300.

We show you how Y-axis moves first, and then the comparison of cutting condition in X-axis machining and Y-axis machining. It drastically succeeded to reduce the machining time.

By rotating the surface of the chip 90 degrees, the rigidity is highly improved that ensures the stable machining without chattering vibration.


Since all machines of Nakamura-Tome are equipped with the Y-axis as standard or available to add it as an option, you can take advantage of the latest machining method with any machine.

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